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What do I eat in a day?? I get asked this a lot. Mostly meat these days. Although I have added shredded brussel sprouts cooked in bacon grease in a few times this month but honestly they didn’t sit well in my gut but were delicious!!! I start my day with coffee, I add in Truvia and a splash of heavy cream ( technically breaks a fast but I’m not doing my fast for weight loss so I don’t care) I eat a lot of cheeseburgers – usually 2-3 patties( no bun obviously) with onions & smoked Gouda cheese on top, all cooked in bacon grease. ( onion carbs add up but since I’m at maintenance I’m not worried about them ) I eat about 6-8 eggs a day with Grassfed butter and Parmesan cheese. Sometimes I add fresh salsa ( a few tomatoes onions and lots of cilantro and garlic + lots of salt). Some days I do more chicken so instead of the burgers I will eat 3-4 grilled chicken thighs with my eggs. Summertime I usually eat more veg just bc it feels right for me to but I keep an eye on how I FEEL. Like I said the brussels didn’t sit well ( super sad ) the pics of my food are rarely pretty but they are delicious lol. I season with @redmondrealsalt garlic salt, onion salt and fresh ground pepper from my local spice shop. This is literally all I eat basically every day. I’m very boring. I also order super fatty brisket from our local BBQ at least once a week.

I do fast daily – I don’t set a time I just fast until I’m hungry. Sometimes that’s 12 sometimes it’s 5pm. I don’t workout bc I’m LAZY BUT, I really want to Want to workout. It’s great for your health and especially good for your bones. Osteoporosis runs in my family so I really need to start doing some sort of weight baring activity. The Peloton is just sitting there judging me for not using it lately and I keep making excuses….

So that’s a basic what I eat in a day for you! I will be doing a YouTube video soon so make sure to go and subscribe here www.youtube.com/neishalovesit



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  • Denielle Birks

    Thank you for this Neisha …. I am always curious what those on keto eat daily …

  • stacey haase

    Neighs, do you take electrolyte supplements daily? Last time I tried keto I woke up on the 4th day with my legs just skating, felt very sick. Thank you!

    • neishalovesit

      Yes I use the Redmonds electrolytes! 2 scoops a day

      • Christe

        Do you still need to use Keto Chow and Calm, or do these 2 scoops cover all the bases? Family-planning, and electrolyte balancing is a struggle beyond salt.

      • neishalovesit

        Right now I’m just using the 2 scoops

  • Heidi Lynn

    Thanks for this! Xoxo

  • NikkiNewShoes

    You inspire me to keep trying. It’s been a struggle. Thanks to the Berrys I know what to eat…I just need to perfect my follow-through. Too bad there isn’t a Berry Keto Ranch, I could use that fun and learning environment!!! If you establish one, sign me up! Thanks for all you share. 😊

    • Tammy W

      I love this idea! I would so go!

  • Melanie Paige Elliott

    Neisha, do you have crave anything sweet? If so, what satisfies that craving?

  • Marilyn K Foster

    That’s about what I eat. I eat my scrambled eggs with salsa. Then have a big hamburger patty for dinner. I also have a salad with my meal. I was able to kick the hwc in my coffee. This time of year I add strawberries, watermelon and microwave a sliced apple for 3 minutes putting on a slice of muesnter cheese. I know the fruit has carbs but I am in maintenance and it keeps me from eating the sweet junk food. I do workout and that helps with the carbs.

    Now, having said all of that, come July I am going to cut out the fruit. I have about 10 more pounds to lose.

    Yes, Keto/Carnivore can be this simple!

  • Kim Glass

    Looks/sounds great! One meal a day?

    • neishalovesit

      Usually 2 a day.

  • Danielle

    Thank you for this! You’re so inspiring.

  • Deborah Bratcher

    Thanks! This is such a BIG change for most of us so it helps to hear exactly what successful PHD eaters are eating. 😀

  • Dawn

    Looks delicious! Thank you for the inspiration. Do you try to aim for any amount of calories for the day?

    • neishalovesit

      Nope. Just eat till I’m full and eat when I’m hungry.

  • Ann

    Neisha I love that you and Dr Berry share so much information with everyone. It’s such a pity us folk in the Southern Hemisphere (Australia, NZ etc) aren’t able to purchase Keto Chow or Redmonds. They don’t ship here …….sad face 🙁

    • Victoria

      In in NZ and found Redmonds

  • Kris

    Neisha, do you ever eat seafood of any kind? Also what supplements do you take or are you getting everything you need from the food you eat?

    • neishalovesit

      I take Iodine and vitamin d3

  • Bethaney Sherrin-Graveran

    I wish i could eat food properly without being scared of it.. but at the same time i love food. LOVE it.
    I’m 5’7 and breastfeeding. I don’t count macros :/ I’m too lazy and it honestly stresses me out to no end!

    • neishalovesit

      No need to count other than carbs ♥️ you’re not lazy, you’re working your butt off mama. I have to remind myself that this job isn’t 9-5 it’s 24/7!!!! And it’s ok for us to not do it all.

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