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Below I have listed all of my favorite designer dupes. Even though I am at a point in my life where I can afford the designer version of some of these, that doesn’t mean I think they are all worth the price. Most of them aren’t unless you are a fashion blogger or a collector. I hope you can all see where style and fashion are different. You can have style and shop at Goodwill. I did so most of my life. It’s actually quite trendy to do so these days which I love!! You can find some amazing pieces at thrift stores. But for those girls who are where I use to be and want to get that bougie look without spending 3 months of paychecks. I got you. You can find links** to everything in this blog. I will also have a YouTube video to accompany it that will basically be a review of the dupes quality (they are all very good in my opinion). Some of these are from Amazon and some aren’t, you can always see a running list of Amazon Dupes HERE :

Gucci Tights Dupe

IMG_6048Screen Shot 2020-01-21 at 9.03.24 PM

Real Gucci Tights $265

Dupe Tights from Amazon :

Chunky Trainers 


Screen Shot 2020-01-21 at 9.05.29 PM


Balenciaga $995 :

Fila : $64 :


Golden Goose Trainers

Golden Goose : $560

Goodnight Macaroon : $89


Louis Vuitton Combat Boots


Louis Vuitton Star Trail Boot : $1300

Jeffrey Campbell High Heel Boot : $164.95


Over the Knee Boots

Dupe From Goodnight Macaroon : $163

Stuart Weitzman : $795


Gucci Marmont Bag

Gucci Bag DUPE : $68

Gucci Bag Original : $890


Gucci Snake Belt

Gucci Snake Belt : $750

Express Snake Belt : $49.90


Gucci Ace Sneakers

Gucci Ace Sneakers : $670

Amazon Dupe Sneakers : $19.99 Prime


Chanel Mini Flap

Chanel Mini Square Flap : $2900

Goodnight Macaroon : $58


Chanel Flap Reissue

Chanel Reissue Flap : $4600

Goodnight Macaroon : $ 59.





  • Faye Pfeifer

    Hi Neisha! I love watching your blogs and posts! But, Goodnight Macaroon has very terrible reviews… everybody says it’s a scam. I wouldn’t want any of your faithful watchers to be scammed too, especially after you highly recommended them. Have you researched them? What are your thoughts? Thanks!

    • neishalovesit

      I’ve bought from them multiple times and I’ve never had any problems

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