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Summer is almost over, and although I will miss it I am super ready for Autumn. But, before I throw my bikini in the basement, I went on a girls trip to Navarre Beach Florida. A small area right next to Pensacola. A hidden gem of a place with waters so blue you would swear you weren’t in the states. The warm water and salty air will be sure to do a body good. But can you stay on your keto diet while you’re on vaction at the beach? Of course you can!! But you can also have a treat if you choose to. This is a lifestyle, not a life sentence. I started out carnivore and ended up have a few cocktails which obviously not Carnivore. But whatever, I was with my girls and at the beach!!!

Although I cheated it is more than realistic to eat keto or even carnivore at the beach. Fresh seafood is everywhere! And who wants sides when you can just eat more crab legs and oysters? Not me. Just give me all the seafood! I literally ate oysters almost the entire time I was down there. I did have a steak and a pork-belly burger but it was all seafood after that.



You can dip all your seafood in butter which is the best keto sauce of them all! RIGHT?!

Waitresses seem to have a hard time not giving you sides. It’s like they are worried you might starve if you don’t get them. Or maybe they are thinking “but you’re paying for them”. Yes doll but I’d rather you not have to throw them away later. Most of the time they still bring them out. It’s fine. I’m not distracted by the bland sides next to the beautiful and succulent crab.




I ate about 10 dozen oysters while  I was at the beach and I am not exaggerating. I ate them RAW, although we did go to a place called Peg Leg Pete’s where they had parmesan and garlic oysters that were to die for and also keto!!!! What what?! They also have bacon cheddar oysters, also keto. See, not really a struggle to eat keto down at the beach. It’s the alcohol that is gonna get you. But, eating keto you don’t actually need as much to get a good buzz so you don’t spend as much money and you don’t drink as much devils juice hahaha! Win Win. That’s actually water in my cup. Remember to hydrate! And take along some ketochow too!! Electrolytes are IMPORTANT people!



Other than that just enjoy yourself!!  This is your life, no one is gonna show up and arrest you for drinking a beach cocktail. However, be AWARE of the consequences and know your body and how it will react to certain things. Where I can get away with a cocktail you may not be able to! Be self-aware that is so important. If you do go off plan a bit, do a fast when you get home and get yourself back to plan. Love you body, be good to it and it will be good back to you.





  • Janet Barker

    So glad you had a good time and were not afraid to be you. You are an example of doing keto in real life. Thanks for sharing!

    • neishalovesit

      Thank you !!! ♥️♥️

  • Jodi Mann

    I love watching/reading whatever you post because you are real and tell it like it is! I absolutely love doing keto and even tried carnivore…like you, would much rather have a few others things besides just meat 🙂 Thanks to you and your hubby for always keeping it real and sharing your knowledge.

    • neishalovesit

      Thank you for the support !!!

  • Lori

    WONDERFUL post! I go to Tybee Island, GA and am able to stay Keto, except I allow myself a couple of hush puppies at my favorite place and 3 T. of grits.Other than that, it’s pretty much Keto all the way!

    • neishalovesit

      Yummmmm that sounds great !

  • Beth Handley

    Not a cheat dear. You are not a cheater. You had a festive choice. I love the lifestyle not a life sentence. You keep teaching us!

    • neishalovesit

      Thank you!! I love this life!

  • Tracy

    I love learning Keto from you because you seem like such a down to earth “real” person. The “Keto nazis” make us feel like lost causes if we aren’t doing everything perfect 100% of the time. I never get that vibe from you. So refreshing to be told that a slip up or detour isn’t the end of the world. Thank you!

    • neishalovesit

      Thank you for reading !! I hate when people do that, it just makes others not want to do this WOE. Such a shame !

  • Sandy

    I love following you and love how real you are. Thank for sharing your life with us.

    • neishalovesit

      Thank you for following!! ♥️

  • Khloe S

    Love your take on all things keto as well as Dr Berry’s. Headed to your Pateron page to make a monthly contribution. I do have one suggestion… somewhere, all links for all podcasts, blog posts, IG Live archives, etc you and Dr Ken post. One stop resource. Thanks!

  • Patricia Bryl

    Me and the Mr. live in AZ, but we enjoy visiting our oldest son in FL. The beaches are fabulous and as you mention the water is so beautifully blue. We especially enjoy Tarpon Springs. I am so glad that I found you and your Mr (Dr). Your videos are truly educational and sometimes down right entertaining! Ha! Keep up that great work.

    • neishalovesit

      Awe thanks so much !! We love doing it!

  • Jane Baugh

    Thank you for this post. Really enjoyed it. Twice a year I get together with a very special group of girlfriends and I do endulge a bit. I have a couple cocktails. And yes they have to really be watered down or I get loopy. And yep I pay the price the next day because I never drink since eating keto. I found that Dr. Berrys ketorade works wonders for a hangover!!!

    • neishalovesit

      Ketorade is the best!!

  • Josh

    Navarre Beach is a wonderful place! My in-laws live there and we visit every summer. For 16 years I could count on gaining a few pounds on the visit but now I can eat smarter. Thanks for the tips!

    • neishalovesit

      It’s my favorite beach right now !!

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