Keto – A Novel | Chapter 1

“What the crap is keto? I thought you were paleo ” I said to my super healthy husband. So that’s how the keto thing started. The next thing I know EVERYONE is doing it and my husband is the Keto King.  So, I naturally had to hate on it. That’s just how I am. I am a total devils advocate. Then I got mono and decided I would start doing keto to see if it would help me bounce back faster. Shocker of all shockers it DID and I lost 8 pounds (10 now).  So here I am, eating keto and living my best life.


Now I get tons of questions! What do you eat? What the crap is a macro? Are you sure that’s not healthier than eating McDonald’s {I say that because the people who ask me “Are you sure that’s healthy?” 99% of the time are THE most unhealthy people I know- irony} I eat lots of things. I eat what my body likes naturally. For instance I eat a lot of guacamole, tomatoes, cheese, chicken, cheeseburgers ( no bun ), eggs, bacon. I haven’t really had to give up a lot because lucky for me I never had a real sweet tooth. I was more of a Cheeto and Doritos girl. Instead of eating chips I make cheese chips. Super easy to make. Here is recipe: HERE. Make sure you get REAL cheese from the deli and check the label to make sure there is no added sugar demons.


“It sounds really hard!”

It’s not. What’s hard is making yourself stop making excuses for feeding your body things that aren’t even really food. Listening to the lies BIG FOOD literally feeds you. Whole Grain = sugar. Sugar is NOT good for you. It’s a treat!!!! Not an every day treat. A random celebratory treat.  Birthdays, holidays, anniversaries and all that – sure freakin eat dessert!!! Eat pizza eat or whatever you want! Most of us only celebrate like 10 Holidays a year so 10 out of 365 is not going to ruin your health. I’m not a food nazi, I am never going to tell anyone what to put in their own mouth but I am so glad I chose to change what I put in my mouth. I feel better than I have in the past 5 years. I am no longer exhausted, sluggish, angry, anxious, or unhappy with my body. I did it for me. So all you people worried about if this is healthy for me – no worries, I feel freakin healthy AF.


Can you drink coffee?

I do. I drink my coffee just like I use to. I never like the super sweet Starbucks drinks anyways so I’m not struggling too hard on that. I use heavy cream as my creamer and sugar free syrup when I need some flavor. Stevia is my sweetener of choice.

I use this syrup HERE

This Stevia HERE

Watch this video if you are a Starbucks Girl (or Guy) 


“Can you eat meat?”

Uh, yea. You can eat a LOT of meat. Try your hardest to get quality meat without added antibiotics but obviously it’s hard to do that so just do what you can. We eat a ton of hamburger meat. I throw a ton of cheese on top and and mayo. You can find keto mayo HERE – it’s soooooooo freaking good. You can get different flavors too. You can even make chicken salad or egg salad with it and dip your cheese chips in it. Just make sure not to add sweet pickles or grapes to your salads. It will up your carbs. You need to stay under 25 carbs a day.

What do you do when you want to snack??

Pork rinds, cheese chips ( make them in bulk and bag em up), go grab an order of guac from Mexican and keep it in your fridge. Or these yummmmmy AF beef sticks. They are legit. And you can throw them in your work bag or purse for on the go snacking. I also go for the flavored almonds. Salt & Vinegar are my favorite. You don’t have to get complicated with this. It seriously isn’t that serious. ( See what I did there? LOL)

Almonds : HERE

Beef Sticks : HERE


Hope this helps some of you GET STARTED!!! Stay tuned for more keto posts 💋

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  • Padmé Padmé

    Loved your Chpt. 1; looking forward to Chpt. 2. 🙂

    [Have diabetes and thyroid issues. Hoping to start Keto at end of April* when get okay from my GP & my endocrinologist. Ergo, am researching Keto diligently so will be ready to start and succeed!!! Dr. Berry, Dr. Berg, and your chapters add greatly to my knowledge bank. Thank you dearly.

    P.S.: *Can’t see docs until April due to bad lungs. My pulmonologist warns me to avoid flu.]

    • Briget62

      Hi Padme! I’m diabetic, too, T1. I’ve been eating low carb high fat (not keto, that’s a little too low – I stick to 30-50 carbs a day) since January 1. Lost 10 lbs so far and even with some issues as I began to figure my insulin changes, I’m happy with the diet and feeling well. The best site I’ve found for us is Diet Doctor (Neisha I hope you don’t mind me mentioning another site – I LOVE YOURS and intend to make some of your recipes!!) I hope your low carb efforts go as well as mine!

      • neishalovesit

        No share away!!! I’ll check it out too!!

  • Chantal

    Loved your first chapter. You’ve got it going on girl..keto on!

  • Holly

    Down 35# with Keto!
    Hoping to lose another 35#!!

  • Monica Rippe

    Love this! And thanks for the links to different foods you’re eating! Do you count macros? I did keto with much success many years ago. Like hard core! Counting macros, testing my blood, all that. I tend to jump in with both feet. I don’t see you counting macros, and it intrigues me. Thanks so much for your blog! I look forward to more!

    • neishalovesit

      I do not count macros but I do keep up with them. Just kind of wing it. Working out for me so far Lol

  • Angela

    This is so helpful as I get started! Thanks for sharing all of the tips and suggestions for keto-friendly snacks!

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