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This is how Ken and I keto. Not how the keto police do it. I’m hoping you are here because you know us and like the way we do things because this is for you! This blog post came from a lot of you requesting it. I really hope you enjoy and show us some love.

{KETO Shopping HAUL}

Here’s the thing. Keto is one of those things that is easy if you understand that it takes some effort. You have to do your own research and you have to listen to YOUR OWN BODY at some point. You have to understand that what you like might not be what Ken and I like. What did you eat before keto? Did you eat pizza? Then fathead pizza is your best friend. Chicken wings? Super easy! Fry em’ up naked ( no breading ) in some avocado oil and dip em in some hot sauce. Don’t try to eat freakin guacamole if you hate avocados! Don’t go against your taste buds right off the bat. Try to just make what you use to eat into a keto meal. The main thing is to know there is a way to keto pretty much everything but you have got to have the imagination to get out there and make it! You’ve got this! Don’t stress. If you fall off the wagon just get back on. If you only remember one thing remember this. “Be better than you used to be.” Write that on your mirror and remember when you have a weak moment, that you use to have weak years.  So, now that I am done preaching, here are some of the things KB and I pretty much eat on repeat. Thanks for reading and feel free to SHARE!


Cheese Chips and Guacamole-

 Literally the EASIEST thing in the world. You can even buy cheese chips now. There are called Wisps and you find there HERE or at your local grocery.  There are tons of recipes for guacamole – we add garlic tomatoes onions salt and pepper. Cheese chips are easy to make honestly – you can make them in bulk and take them to work with you. They can be a little fat bomb for you if you don’t like the sweet fat bombs because cheese is mostly fat!

  1. Preheat the oven to 400°F (200°C). Place the cheese slices on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.
  2. Sprinkle garlic powder on top and bake in the oven for about 8–10 minutes, depending on how thick the slices are. Pay attention towards the end so that you don’t burn the cheese, as burned cheese tends to taste like crap.


Buffalo Wings –

My personal favorite. If you have a fry daddy these will be super simple for you. Make sure you are using a keto oil like lard or avocado oil to fry these boys in. We usually let them cook for about 15 min but make sure you are getting them done. Here I have made myself a salad of sorts. If you know me at all you know I eat more veggies than most people think is ok. Ken doesn’t eat them at all. My body does well and I continue to loose weight and feel my best. I don’t eat them everyday. Most days I don’t eat any veggies. I don’t count macros either. What I do is mostly stay away from carbs unless they are veggie carbs. If it comes with a label and has carbs I will look at how many per serving. If it’s above 2g per servings I’m out. Otherwise I do measure my serving size so I don’t go overboard.

Me and my nurse friends will take turns making keto casserole. Buffalo chicken dip is my favorite. We also do a breakfast one that is super yummy!!!


    • 1/2 cup Franks red Hot Buffalo wings sauce (or to taste)
    • 1/2 cup of blue cheese dressing (or dry mix ranch I’ll put a pic below)
    • 3/4 cup of tex mex shredded cheese (or you can shred your own)
    • 8 oz soften cream cheese (I use 16oz )
    • 1 stick of butter
    • 1 lb of cooked chicken breast diced ( or any part of the chicken – I like to use thighs because they have more flavor and more FAT!
    • *** make this recipe your own. I NEVER go by a recipe. I always add more things that will make it more appetizing to me and my people. Recipes are not set in stone. Do you boo boo.



Steak –

Keep is SIMPLE!!!! On days when you just don’t know what to do, eat a steak, or a hamburger steak! Add some Brussel sprouts as a side and smother everything in butter and bacon and cheese. TA-DAH!!!  Seriously don’t overthink it. Don’t worry about the macros if you are new! If you didn’t eat carbs then you are ok. Eat meat and add fat. It’s really that simple till you get the hang of not going nuts over missing fried rice and french fries and pizza. Speaking of pizza….



You’re welcome. You can use tomato paste or make your own Alfredo sauce which is my favorite.

Alfredo Sauce :

16 oz of cream cheese

2 sicks of butter

garlic and salt and pepper to taste

Shredded parmesan cheese ( I use a whole wedge )

1 cup of heavy cream

simmer on low till all are melted together and enjoy ( add chicken to this to make chicken Alfredo and pour over zucchini noodles )


Cheeseburger in paradise –

A yummy burger seasoned with salt and pepper with sharp cheddar on top and bottom with guacamole on the side. Add bacon if you aren’t as lazy as me.

Not your Momma’s Nachos

Ground beef seasoned with cumin, salt, pepper, garlic, chipotle, cardamon, and coriander. ( just a few shakes of each – I’m sorry I don’t measure )

Avocado, onion, and tomatoes on the side (if you don’t like onion because it might mess you up then don’t do it!!!) I know it isn’t a “keto” veggie but it’s freggin nachos. It’s not like anyone is eating a whole onion. Amiright? So like I always say, you do you boo boo.  I’m honest about how I live my life. I add the onion. Moving on.

This mayo is life!!!!!!!! I put it on my pork rinds and I feel like I am totally cheating even though I ain’t!!!! (ain’t 😂)

You can find it HERE – I also use this to make tuna salad, egg salad, and add it my burgers and steaks as a sauce.  I promise you it will knock your socks off and even if you weren’t keto you would want this instead of any other mayo. Bible.


Keto Coffee –

here is my ritual : Coffee um duh, add salt or this ghee that already has pink salt in it, coconut oil or MCT oil, butter and 3 drops of iodine for my useless thyroid (I use THIS one because of my Hashimoto’s ) then I spin it all up with my frother .

So that’s pretty much it for the main things we go for. I’ll be adding some more things as I find them or invent them 😂 I really hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you did, make sure you leave me a comment here or on facebook and share or tag a friend who needs some food inspiration! Thank you all so much for the love and support! I love you guys more than Kerry Gold Butter!!


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  • Cristina R

    Fabulous Neisha! Thanks for sharing this. I plan on trying some cheese crisps today. 🙂

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    Thank you so much for this blog post. As a newbie to Keto I needed this info…we love our bacon cheeseburgers topped with quacamole-all the best flavors in the world in one bite…yum.

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  • Lisa Prestegard

    Neisha, I have Hashi’s too and was wondering about Lugols 2%. I bought some and it says “do not take internally, for topical use only”. Not sure I’m getting the benefit from it topically. Is it safe for me to add it to my BPC? Does all Lugols have that warning?

    • neishalovesit

      I’m not sure. This one is in a dropper bottle and I’m pretty sure is meant for consumption I’ll look into it.

  • Jessica

    Yum! Everything you mentioned sounds amazing… and so wonderfully simple. I took several screen shots of the meals I want to try… cheese crisps, fathead pizza dough, Alfredo sauce… can’t wait! I’m currently craving a big, juicy cheeseburger steak now. Thanks for sharing!

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    I love this philosophy! Makes Keto so much more manageable and helps get my family on board! Thank you for sharing!

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    I am printing out this entire post! I make a sauce for my burger that’s Mayo, horseradish and a wee bit of tomato pesto (srsly, like 1/2 tsp) nomnomnom… But adding guac? Sign me up!

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      How does this work?
      Great video

  • Tracey

    Is it ok to use coconut butter in coffee? Would it still be keto? Thanks…love ya work, from australia

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  • Neisha , I love your quirky attitude. I never measure either. OK, I seldom measure anything. My mom never did. Funny though, because my sister measures everything. I really enjoy this post. Thank you. Sarah

  • jamstan2020

    You do you boo boo. Love it!!!! I was a nurse for years and pushed everything we don’t eat in keto and pled with patients to moderate what we eat a lot of on it. Old school. I love keto. I love meat. It seems really easy if you read labels. 😀

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    Thanks Neisha🌸
    I love keto.
    I just wish I had a chef 😀

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    Thank you! As you’re a busy lady, if you don’t own one, buy yourself an airfryer. I know we’re all about the fat, but it cooks unbreaded chicken wings- from frozen to fabulous in 18 min! I just melt some butter and add old bay seasoning and indulge.

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    From one RN to another, Thank you sister for all of this. Looking forward to your key Lime Fat Bomb recipe! Thanks for sharing.

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