Hashimoto’s Journey to Wellness with Keto & Carnivore

Today I weighed in at 109 lbs. Now, before everyone goes crazy –  that’s a perfectly normal weight for my stature. I am only 5’2 when I wake up in the morning.  I eat plenty and breastfeed like a champ. Also, I am not telling you this to rub it in your face or make you feel bad if you don’t weight 109 lbs. I am telling you because it is part of my story… ugh, let’s just start from the beginning.

I have been thin my entire life. I never weighed over 100 lbs until after I was out of high school. I started college and busted through that freshman 15 fast with a diet of beer and pizza. I then lost back to around 100 lbs by exercising 2 times a day and taking Trimspa like an idiot.  I stayed there for a long time. I went through of lot of crap we won’t get into but let’s just say I was unhealthy and had a very bad eating habit, or lack of eating habit. Also I am sure stress attributed to a lot of it. I was working at Hollister at the time and I remember having size 00 jeans that were loose on me. Looking back at pictures I was a frail thin, fragment of a girl. Even my posture suggested image issues.

You can see in the bottom right pic, my legs compared to the other girls are twigs.

Fast forward to 24 years old. I am divorced and living hard. Adjusting to being divorced at only 24 years old was stressful. None of my friends were divorced and I was pretty much alone and recovering from a slew of emotional issues. I decided to get a breast augmentation to help with my body image issues that had risen during my marriage. I know. Trust me you don’t have tell me all the different ways this was unhealthy both physically and mentally. I freakin know. Also yes I have looked into having them removed but I didn’t want to interfere with my ability to breastfeed. I will probably have them removed in the future. I am 99% sure that my implants, along with emotional trauma, are what triggered my Hashimoto’s. About a year later I met Ken and soon after started the LPN to RN bridge program ( oh look, more stress). Around that time I started having all the symptoms that I would later realize, was my Hashimoto’s presenting itself. I went to doctors who told me it was my divorce, it was my situation, it was my job, it was school… it was everything except an actual diagnosis. I was put on Celexa and other medications that I took and quickly realized were of no benefit and honestly just caused more issues. I was also on the NuvaRing contraceptive at the time and had severe side effects from that as well. Ken somehow managed to still want me to marry him, in spite of all my crazy. I think he’s a rational enough person to see that I was still me under all the issues I was having.

[Imagine starting a new relationship while becoming ill. This illness is invisible. The symptoms are so personality based that if someone didn’t know you well, and had just met you, they would just assume your symptoms were your personality. Hashimotos is weird – it’a also an asshole, pardon my French. ]

Over the next few years I would see my symptoms worsen to the point of crippling anxiety that I somehow managed to hide from most of the world. My husband (who is a doctor)  just thought I was losing my mind. We fought constantly. He was convinced I was this awful person that my disease had made me into. If you are reading this and have Hashimotos, you know what I am talking about. You can literally see yourself being this person that you aren’t, and you have no control over it. It’s kind of like having an out of body experience but all the time. Things that would never have upset me brought me to my knees. I was shadow of my former-self and had no idea why or how to fix it. My personality is to be a fixer. I am a nurse for goodness sakes, but I couldn’t for the life of me fix myself. No matter what I did. I finally broke down one night and told my husband to fix me. I begged him saying ” You are a doctor. I am telling you I am sick! I am asking you to look at me like a patient and not your wife. I need you to trust me when I tell you that this isn’t the person I am! I am happy, and goal oriented and driven! I am not this miserable person who goes from the bed to the couch! I am not this person who hates to go outside because I don’t have the energy. I love adventure and I love to talk and have fun. This person you see in front of you isn’t me. FIX ME!” I think in that moment he finally heard me. He did my labs and was pretty certain I had Hashimotos even though my labs were “normal”. Given my symptoms he made the diagnosis and started me on thyroid medication. It didn’t help. I continued to feel all the symptoms I had always had.  This is also around the time I told him he needed to start a YouTube channel because he had a responsibility to help women like me who were having these issues.  I had been researching and digging around the internet and had found that I was not the only one dealing with all the symptoms that were ruining my life. In fact, it seemed like there was an epidemic of women who were having all the same symptoms with no help from doctors. We were all told ” that’s normal, here is a pill”.  I was NOT satisfied with this diagnosis. No 28 year old should feel like I was feeling.

  • Fatigue – I literally had zero energy. It took everything I had to get out of bed for anything other than work. I never got enough sleep. I looked like I was lazy. I did the bare minimum. If I hadn’t had my job  ( which I loved ) I would have never left the couch.
  • Depression – I remember thinking that the thoughts going through my head were inappropriate. I had everything I had ever wanted. I had a wonderful man who spoiled me with attention and love. My dream job. Dream car. I could pay my bills without having to worry if  I would make it to next pay day. I was blessed. But I still would catch myself thinking awful things.
  • Modest weight gain ( I got up to 145 ) – all of it was in my midsection
  • Cold intolerance – I wore jeans in the summer and sweaters too.
  • Dry, coarse hair – and balding. One of my first symptoms I noticed. I have always had very thick hair. One day I had my sunroof opened and I noticed I could see my scalp in the rearview mirror. Like, a lot of my scalp and that had never happened to me before.
  • Constipation
  • Dry skin
  • Muscle cramps – I was in constant pain
  • Decreased concentration – I couldn’t even hold an intelligent conversation. If you didn’t know me before, you would have thought I was a complete airhead with no depth at all.
  • problems with fertility – I had gotten off birth control in the last few months of nursing school. After 1 year, still no pregnancy, we then went to a fertility specialist as is recommended for anyone who hasn’t gotten pregnant after a year of “trying”
  • ZERO LIBIDO – yay…. 28 years old is too young for that shit.

The fertility specialist confirmed my Hashimoto’s diagnosis and recommended IUI – we tried 2 rounds without success so I decided to try and change my eating habits to see if that had any effect. That’s when I tried keto. Ken had already been eating this way, promoting it to his patients, and speaking about it on YouTube. I was not convinced but I had heard that it could help with fertility so I figured, what the hell.

Within a week I saw my symptoms improve substantially as well as losing 5 lbs. I was shocked obviously. I had tried Paleo and Whole 30 with no success. I had no idea I would see benefits that fast, and not everyone will. Each individual is different. But you WILL see benefits. Benefits don’t always come in weight loss. In fact it is usually the last benefit you will see if you are extremely ill, and it’s the last benefit that I care about. I was finally happy Neisha. I could get up, have a smile on my face, kiss my husband, see things clearly, think clearly, walk without hurting, sleep, and my anxiety was manageable. Most importantly…. I was MYSELF AGAIN. You may not understand the weight of that statement if you haven’t been there. I don’t even know how to explain it properly. It’s a little like the wicked witch put a curse on you, and then you got kissed by Prince Charming. I had been kissed by Keto and the curse was lifted. I had my life back. My relationship flourished, my performance at work was better, and I had goals again. I was ready to go after life with a passion I had never had even before Hashimoto’s.

I was floored by the fact that CARBS had ruined my health. Not just “bad” carbs. All of them. After all, I had been eating “healthy”. I ate whole wheat, and sweet potatoes and Ezekiel bread. I ate freakin quinoa ( yuck by the way ). I ate the rainbow like I was told to! I had even tried cutting out gluten. All this time, I was just trading poison for poison. Those carbs were killing me. I am not saying the transition was easy but seeing my life change made it much easier. Everyday I got better and better. I was truly living again and it made me so sad that I had spent so much of my life thinking I was living without even realizing how truly ill I was. Health is something that is hard to put into perspective. Actually being healthy and thinking you are healthy are almost indiscernable without perspective. After changing my eating habits more and more – it was clear I didn’t know what healthy felt like. Every time I thought I felt amazing, I would cut something out of my diet, like nuts. I cut out nuts and guess what? I felt EVEN better. Through this time I was still trying to get pregnant. We gave it another few years before we decided to go back to the fertility doctor. I decided after doing some more research that I would convert to a full on carnivore diet. I ate only beef, butter, eggs, bacon, and a fat based ice cream with a keto sweetener as a treat. I was shocked at how even better I felt on carnivore. My energy level spiked. I slept SO well and lost more weight. I honestly didn’t care about any weight loss. My goal was ALWAYS to feel as good as possible. We started our first round of IVF about 3 months after me starting carnivore. We ended up with only one egg. We transferred the egg on Feb 5, 2019 and waited for a miracle.

6 weeks // 20 weeks // 39 weeks

On Feb. 14 2019 I got the call that I was pregnant and that my numbers were off the chart, but in a good way! I decided to go back to keto for my pregnancy. My doctors and Midwife closely monitored my labs throughout my entire pregnancy. My labs were better than ever. I ate 50 total carbs or less most days. I had a few cheats in there but stayed in ketosis. Our baby grew fast and strong. I gained from 115 to 160ish during my pregnancy. After the first week postpartum I had dropped right at 20 lbs. from fluids, blood, placenta and baby. I breastfed without issues and continued with keto. After getting back down to 120 I switched back to what I like to call “cyclic carnivore” meaning I do 5 days carnivore, 2 days keto. Still staying under 20 g total carbs or less. When the baby was 4 months old we took a trip to San Antonio where I ate rice and beans and plantains and empanadas. Lots of carbs that my sweet Puerto Rican Abuelita cooked with love. In that week I gained a fast 5 lbs. Breastfeeding didn’t save me from the carbs. I also felt like shit. When we got home, I went back to my cyclic carnivore. Now at 6 months postpartum I am down to 109. I haven’t been exercising like I want to but I plan on getting back on the Peloton soon and start lifting weights as well. I am not interested in being the frail thing I use to be. I want to be strong. I am not doing any of this for weight loss. I am doing it for HEALTH optimization. I am sure I will stop losing weight very soon, especially after integrating weights into my routine. I am not obsessed with my body image like I use to be. I give all the credit to keto and the fact that I am in a healthy, stable and loving relationship.

1 week pp // 2 months pp // 6 months pp

The moral of the story? WHAT YOU EAT MATTERS MORE THAN ANYTHING!!  Doctors are behind. The food pyramid or myplate or whatever it’s called now is a load of crap. Being miserable isn’t normal. Being in pain constantly isn’t normal. Listen to your body. Do your own research. I know without a doubt that I was on a road headed for nothing but misery. Carbs tore my body apart. People who say I can’t do this way of eating longterm are out of touch. I couldn’t live the way I was living long term! How could you tell me that was ok, but this isn’t? To tell me I need carbs because I have Hashimoto’s? I. WAS. DYING. I was without life.  I was headed for another divorce and who knows what else. But oh, I shouldn’t give up carbs because THAT’S what’s unhealthy? No. I did what worked. I will continue to do what works. I am the healthiest I have ever been. I am finally a Mom. I give ALL the credit to keto/carnivore. I wouldn’t be where I am without it.  I don’t do carb ups. I don’t count calories. The only macro I count is carbs. I eat as much protein as I want. I cook in animal fat. I feel best when I am carnivore.


This journey has been ridiculously difficult. But, do you know what makes me the maddest about all this??? IT WAS PREVENTABLE.  It didn’t have to be this way. I didn’t have to go through all of this. I didn’t have to go through it as long as I did. There are people out there who are still suffering and think they are doing what they should. There isn’t enough information out there STILL! This is why Ken and I continue to go LIVE on Facebook every Monday. It’s why we make YouTube videos, and blog, do book-signings and speak at events. We have been doing it for years and we still haven’t reached every person who is suffering unnecessarily. People can judge me, and throw stones all they want. I will take it. I will take it because this matters. I matter. You matter.

This journey isn’t over and I have to work at it everyday to make sure I don’t fall into old habits, and give in to old cravings. The difference in my past and my present is that I am educated. I know what I need to do. I know what makes me sick and what promotes wellness. I hope this helps someone find their way to a Happy Healthy Life. If it does that for just ONE person, then I am happy to have suffered to have a story to share.

Thanks so much for reading. Please feel free to share on any social media and make sure to leave a comment if you have a story about your Hashimoto’s wellness journey. 

L O V E   Y O U mean it,

Neisha <3







  • Ashley

    THANK YOU! You’re awesome and I’ve been following you and Ken for years now. My story is a lot like yours in the way of I was very sick, a lot of the same symptoms plus some. My dr swore it was my thyroid and even did bloodwork 3 different times in one year because they couldn’t find what was wrong with me. Everything always came back in the “normal” range, even though some numbers were on the cusp of abnormal. Going off hormones and going keto helped a great deal. It took me almost 2 years of keto (evolving from dirty, to clean, to real strict and now carnivore) to heal and get rid of most of my symptoms. I am so grateful for y’all speaking out and I’ve learned SO MUCH from y’all as well. I highly think if it wasn’t for y’all I’d still be sick and doing some half assed version of keto that helped only a tiny bit.

    • neishalovesit

      Thank you so much for reading!!! I’m so glad you have found a path to feeling as well as possible – and I am so happy to hear we helped you in any way ♥️

      • Bobbie

        Thank you Neisha for this story. I have Hashimoto’s and hypothyroidism. I have been following you and Dr. Berry for a while now. I dabbled with keto for quite some time and then jumped straight into carnivore January 2020. Unfortunately my results were not the same. When I removed carbs completely from my diet I gained a bunch of weight, a ton of muscle aches, depression, anxiety, and the fatigue that was unbearable. I too went from my bed to the couch and have been doing this for a while. My Armour Thyroid has been increased recently and in the last week I have added back vegetables and sweet potatoes. I am back to a Paleo keto lifestyle. I want to be carnivore again I enjoyed it there for the simplicity of eating. Since I do have a food addiction I figured that was the best lifestyle for me. Unfortunately I’ve never felt worse in my life. I will continue to follow you and remember something you said in your video, this took you years to figure out your sweet spot. I need to remember patience, lots of prayer and to listen to my own body thank you for your story and your encouragement. You are so beautiful. I hope to comment again down the road that I too feel as great as you do. I truly appreciate the hope that this message gives me and others. Xoxo 💜

    • Elizabeth A Bovenmyer

      thank you for posting this i’m pretty sure i’m in menopause or should i say mean o pause
      i keep stalling should do this should i not do this just feel my best i think i should

  • Mary

    Thanks. This is me exactly except for the pregnancy thing. Even though I had been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s they do NOT listen to me, my doctor only looks at my labs. Makes me feel horrible. I need a specialist in the Baltimore MD, area. I am also an LPN and wanted to become an RN but didnt have the strength to go to school again. This disease is the worst. I have been having problems lately. Been doing Keto since May 2018 and now starting to gain weight again???? Help please.

    • neishalovesit

      The best thing I did to kickstart weight loss was to do carnivore and makes sure my carbs weren’t sneaking back in to my diet. Also make sure you are measuring your inches and not just going by the scale ☺️

  • Jessica

    Thank you for sharing! I can relate in many ways
    – Hashimoto’s, hypothyroidism, secondary infertility, miscarriages, etc. I have a Kero baby and what a blessing he is! I feel better at 34 than I did at 24! I’m thankful that I found Keto and Carnivore. Thank you and please keep sharing with the world. Praying more people learn to think for themselves and stop listening to the trash that’s accepted as good medicine in our culture.

  • Lupe

    Hi, I have started keto and have thyroid problems, currently taking levothyroxine 150 and levothyroxine 25 once a day. Still don’t feel good. What medecine for thyroid are you taking?

  • Nora

    Thanks so much for sharing your story. I gained 100lbs in less than 6 months on a vegetarian carb heavy diet. Like you it was all the “good” carbs. I was broke at the time, eating on $50 a month. The doctors told me to eat less like they didn’t believe me. Nobody can afford fast food on $50/month. I had to give up on college athletics, felt miserable on deaths door and kept gaining weight, regardless of how clean I ate. It took 15yrs to get a proper diagnosis. I had a endocrinologist finally tell me I had hashimotos. He told me: cut gluten and stay under 40 grams of carbs/day. I did it and lost 75lbs! I lost my fatty liver and my a1c dropped out of prediabetes. I’m still trying to dial in on the best macros for me. I think carnivore may be my ideal but it’s tough. Each time my thyroid med gets lowered, it takes my body time to adjust so the last few pounds are coming off slowly. I don’t care. I can do so much more, now.

    In hindsight, I think the birth control shot triggered my hashimotos. I was but on bc for acne and that’s when some of my symptoms started but when I got the shot, I was never the same.

  • Marielle

    Thanks for this Neisha. Very motivating ♥️ I struggle to maintain keto but I try my hardest!

  • Josephine

    Thank you for sharing! It was very interesting to read! I’ve probably had hashimotos for 4 years but I didn’t know until I started Carnivore in Feb 2019 and had a terrible 6 month adaptation. It was 6 months of the worst lethargy and depression ever. I figured that was unusual so I got tested for hashimotos and found antibodies. I’ve been trying to get better with just the diet (no carbs but drinking raw milk and taking Ancestral Supplements thyroid). That helped a little bit but I didn’t start feeling much better until I started LDN last month. I still have weight hanging on that I gained since going carnivore and am considering whether I need thyroid hormonal medication. You said thyroid medication didn’t help, but did you continue taking it while you started keto/carnivore? Are you on any medication currently, or has your diet fixed your thyroid hormones and hashimotos completely? Thank you <3

  • Maryann Miller

    Good for you girl! All that effort and your journey were worth it for sure! Beckett is such a beautiful baby boy, and your family picture on Easter tells the story of a real blessing.

  • Sue Matchell

    You look amazing!!!

  • Lori Tillman

    You are a strong and amazing lady. Many thanks for all that you and Ken do to educate the world. God bless you and your wonderful family!

  • Nate

    Curious. Have you ever had the cervical curvature of your neck looked at in relation to your hypothyroidism by a good chiropractor? There are lots of people who have reverse curves that are also experiencing hypothyroidism. You should check it out!

    • neishalovesit

      I have – no issues noted. My posture isn’t bad anymore. It was bad bc I was in an abusive relationship.

  • johnette yeager

    This is a wonderful piece. I came across Dr. Berry’s keto channel and told my sister about it.Something really hooked her. She bought his book, followed his advice, and almost a year later her sugar is within normal range. I went on the keto eating plan right away and lost 40 pounds, feel better, and after 25 years of omeprazal have never taken a pill since. I am 75 and my sister is 73. Both of us were headed to that old age stuff, fat, high pressure, statins AND thyroid removal for my sister! That is why I wanted her to at least have an open mind about his advice. Thank you for your story and all the information. I know KETO it is a life changing experience. It has been for us. (:})

  • Kathi

    Is a body temperature of 96-97.7 an indicator of thyroid disease? Routine labs come back normal. Did you ever get your Hashimoto’s confirmed by additional labs? If so, what were the labs?

  • Vicki

    Thank you for sharing your journey. It’s so nice to hear we are not alone.

    I was working 14-16 hr days at the White House for several years (very stressful), and then my husband passed away suddenly (I still had three teenagers at home). Not long after that, both my mother and father died. In less than a year, I gained 60+ pounds (I’m 5’2 like you) out of nowhere. It took at least two years before I finally found a doctor that diagnosed me with Hashi. The weight did not just drop. It didn’t drop until a few years ago when I began keto. Thank God I stumbled across you and Dr. Berry. I haven’t missed a post, a video, a blog, etc. since.

    Thank you both for leading this crusade to help people help themselves because doctors are failing us.

  • Debi Hamrick

    I came across a FB Live of you and Dr. Berry almost 2 years ago. I knew you were my people from the beginning! I got my husband an appointment with Dr. Adam Nally and changing his diet saved his life! I will be forever grateful to you two.🥰

  • Christina Reynolds

    I will have to have my husband read your blog. I’m older than you but your story could be mine… my husband has told me that I just never seemed happy or excited about anything. He didn’t understand that most days I was doing all I could to do the things I had to … that drained me … there was nothing left …. my endocrinologist sucks … looking for a new dr .. recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia on top of the Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis… the rheumatologist gave me LDN 4.5mg and it seemed a miracle in reducing pain level but I’ve noticed in days I eat a lot of sugar and carbs it doesn’t help. I will have to do better with my diet. You are inspiring . Thank you for sharing your story!

  • Jamie

    Thank you Neisha!!! Hashimoto’s does suck, and your inspiring me to not give up.

  • Kathleen

    Thank you so much for posting your story! I’m 57 and have been having all these problems since my 20’s. I was diagnosed hypothyroid and my dosage has changed with every new doctor, but never made a difference. I suspect hoshimoto’s, but can’t get any doctor to test me for it because they say it wouldn’t make any difference in treatment. So stupid! I started keto Oct 1st of 2018 and did great, but I live with a carbaholic and wasn’t able to stick with it. I’m trying again, in fact since this pandemic it’s been easier. Some days are even carnivore. My problem is when I eat carnivore for more than a couple days I get diarrhea. I don’t have a gallbladder so maybe that is contributing. Idk. Aside from getting away from the carbaholic, which I’m working on, do you have any advice for me?

    Thank you!!!

    • Diane Sheats

      Kathleen, the experts I read (like Izabella Wentz) say that over 95% of hypothyroidism is caused by Hashimoto’s. Anybody who is on thyroid medication should just assume they have it. Also, 40% of people with Hashimoto’s don’t have elevated antibodies. You could ask for an ultrasound, which is supposed to be the definitive diagnosis, but like I said, it’s simpler just to assume you have it. Hope that helps! Join Hashimoto’s 411 on Facebook… I’ve learned a ton there. 🙂

  • Trisha Hanke

    Thank you for sharing your story, it gave me chills just reading it. Such a sad story with an awesome ending that’s just the beginning.

  • Lori Rimmer

    Thank you for writing your story. It resonates with me so much…I am about your age and size, I always thought I could get away with eating whatever I wanted because I didn’t gain weight…until I started having similar struggles that your describe. I felt trapped in my own mind. The thyroid meds made only a tiny improvement, but I am so thankful that I listened to the voice inside of me that knew there was more that could be done than what the doctors told me. Keto/ carnivore freed me and saved my marriage. Thank you for the videos that you and Dr. Berry put out, I watched every one of them during my first year of Keto just to keep me motivated and to build my confidence that I was on the right path.

  • Tracey Rader

    Thank you for your blog Neisha. I have to say, this one hit home for me. I have been following you and Ken since late 2017 and have been following keto since about then. I have Hashimotos as well as Lyme (plus co-infections). Being on keto has helped tremendously. I started to doubt how great it was making me feel and fell off the wagon a bit during this Pandemic (emotional eating, giving into sweets and desserts). I have really noticed how much that as affected my emotions (and my weight), but mostly how I feel. I would like to try carnivore, but I’m a little nervous about it. I like your thoughts around carnivore cycling…5 days carnivore and 2 days keto. Thanks again and keep fighting the good fight! God Bless!

  • Kim Raibourn

    I so enjoyed reading about your journey-So glad you found the answer!! I have a question- do you ever fast ? Also do you just eat when you “get hungry? “ Some days I am starving other days I can go all day and never get hungry-

  • Amanda

    Thank you for sharing. Your post is so encouraging and inspiring. Reading this makes me feel like there is hope.

  • Christine

    I love this, can you please give more details on what exactly you eat on a daily basis?

  • Tammy

    Thanks so much for sharing your journey, Neisha, I KNOW my thyroid needs help and my Dr. refused to do a full panel, only checked T4 and THS. which came out normal…

  • Christine Purcell

    Hi Neisha,

    Thank you for sharing your real and raw experience about your best health journey! It’s incredibly inspiring to hear your story and even all the life hurdles you’ve gone through at such a young age and together with Dr. Berry.

    I’ve been watching both Dr. Berry’s videos now for about 6 months, (and bought his book), and your watched your fun videos as well! I’ve learned so much.

    I’m 56, way old!! Lol! However, last November I started the low carb keto and was feeling great and walking 3 times a week. I do have some hypertension and a high RBC which has been evaluated by a hematologist and my body just makes lots of RBC! No other blood disorder confirmed. I’m someone that doesn’t need iron at all. I’m sure that low carb and no gluten is best for me but still concerned about cholesterol spiking with hypertension on keto for me. I have slipped off though lately, eating badly during this quarantine, and am not eating as well these last few months and I feel the difference! Your video, and you and Ken inspire me to get healthy! I will surely get back on the health track.

    I work from home full time (clinical research pharma). I never did go back to school, years ago after my divorce, but if I did, I love the medical field and always thought nursing and especially neonatal, or anything with babies I just love the little ones. I still think about just going for LPN at this late stage, but then I’d want to go for the RN!!

    I will continue to be inspired by your videos they are informative and fun too! Just love you guys!! Wishing you both all the success you deserve! I’m a “Berry” fan!!
    Thanks for the great information and I love seeing baby Beckett!! What a doll!!

    Striving for health – Christine in Connecticut

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