Chicken Liver Mousse| From the Ketonist

1 lb raw chicken livers
2-3 oz shallots, chopped
1 lb Butter (1/2 lb of which needs to be very soft)
1/2 c congac or sherry
zest and juice of 1 lemon
Fresh 2 Fresh Thyme sprigs, just the leaves
1 Fresh Marjoram sprig, just the leaves
Salt and Pepper
Pinch Allspice or Cloves
Optional: Hot Sauce
2-4 T Heavy Cream

Cook Shallots in 1/4 the butter until translucent, add the fresh herbs, then the alcohol and cook until alcohol cooks off.
Pour into blender.
In same pan, add 1/4 the butter and cook the chicken livers, 2-3 minutes a side until pink not bloody in the middle.
Pour into blender. Remove center of blender top, cover with a clean kitchen towel (this allows the steam to vent and you don’t have a blender bomb) then blend.
Add remaining spices and lemon, blend again.
Add some cream too thin slightly. Blend.
Taste. Add more lemon, salt or spices to taste. Remember that the flavor mellows as it chills.

Blend until very smooth, then pour through a fine sieve.

Chill 4 hours or overnight.

If storing for more than a day or two, you can top the chilled liver with a layer of melted butter or any pure fat, then continue to chill or freeze.




  • Cindy Young

    Hi, Neisha!!!
    I love my own recipe for chicken liver pate, but was intrigued when I saw this talked about on your recent facebook Q&A. Having ALL the ingredients, even shallots!!!!, I set out to make this today.

    Oh, My. Stars. Absolutely ah-mazing! And this was before I even stuck it in the fridge to chill!
    My only question is … how much is too much to eat at one time? Kinda sorta not even kidding. For real.

    • neishalovesit

      Eat as much as you like !!! It’s so good for you!

  • Pat Vaughn

    First time making this recipe. My vow was to learn to eat liver this year. Just got this out of the blender and sampled a lick….how can this not be good with all that butter and onions! Hope I enjoy it as much tomorrow! Thanks for the encouragement to try it!

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